Now Active on Waterford M25/N25

Information Bulletin! Welcomes Drivers from Irelands' Sunny South East!

A very special welcome to all drivers in Waterford and Kilkenny! From today, Oct-19, you can use your tag on the shiny new N25 Waterford Bypass (also known as the Catflap!). Of course, you can also use our tag on any other toll road in Ireland and breeze on through the express lane dodging the queue in the cash lane.

Don't have a TollTag yet?

What are you waiting for? With a TollTag, not only can you use the cashless express lane on all toll roads but you can also use your TollTag account to reserve parking at Dublin Airport for your trips away, pay for onstreet parking in Cork and Limerick and yet more services are coming soon!

There's more! is Ireland's only Toll payment company to offer a 'pay as you go' TollTag. Don't like running up bills? (Well we're in recession, right?) Stay in control and top up your TollTag just like a mobile using vouchers from Post Offices orPostPoint outlets nationwide.

And Just Who Are is a wholly Irish company. We designed and built right here in Ireland as part of our ambition to build Irelands friendliest and most convenient system for paying all of those irritating little charges such as parking and tolls.Today more than 140,000 drivers around Ireland use the Services of or our parent ParkMagic. We'd be delighted for you to join us! Click on through to read more about what and ParkMagic can offer you.

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