There are three different ways to sign up to the service

  1. Visit www.nta.parkmagic.net Using a computer, tablet or mobile browser, press the ‘sign up’ button and follow the onscreen instructions.
  2. Download the NTA Cashless Parking Smartphone App The App is available on Android and iOS To sign up with the app, tap ‘register’ and follow the instructions on screen.
  3. Call the NTA Cashless Parking support number, one of our support agents will guide you through the process and answer any questions you have. Call 061311422

*You can use any of the ways above to activate a parking session regardless of how you sign up. Managing large fleets from one location is most easily done using the website, the app can be used by drivers to make payments on the go.

To download the app, visit either the Google Play store or Apple App store.

  1. Search for NTA Cashless Parking and download it in the same way as you download any other app.
  2. When prompted to allow permissions, select ok. (this allows the app to display your location on the map within the App).
  3. Open the newly installed App. If you already have an account, you can log in now. If you have not registered at this point, you can do so on the App.

Topping up your account allows you to reduce the number of individual payments needed to utilize the NTA Coach Park facility, instead of paying each time you park, you can now add a lump sum to your account which can be used to pay for your coach parking.

  • By logging into your account here
  • Using the iOS or Android App.
  • Call support.

You can set up an automatic top up facility on your account. Each time your balance runs out, your account will be topped up by an amount you choose.

Automatic top up facility supports credit/debit cards and direct debit.

If you are having trouble at the registration stage:

  1. You may have registered your details for the service already.
  2. One or more of your details may have been used in the past by a different customer. (The details in question is usually the car reg)

If you are unable to register, call the support number and an agent will find and rectify the issue.

If you have an account but can’t log in, you should click "forgot password" on the log in page.

If resetting your password didn’t work, it’s possible that you used a different email address when setting up the account. If you know the email address, use this to log in (you can update it once you’re in).

If the problem persists, give our support team a call and they will help you to access your account.

You can update your account details including contact information and account email address by logging into your account on the website or in the app


You have several options when it comes to processing your parking payment.


Using the App, select the bay you are parking in from the zones list, you will then need to enter the duration you wish to stay for.


You can process a parking payment online

  1. Log in to your account on the website
  2. Select "Park Vehicle" from the main menu and follow the on screen steps.

Phone Call

You can process your parking payment by calling the support phone number, use this option if you are unable to use the website or app for any reason.

It is possible to make a once off payment for parking:

  1. Choose the ‘Park Now’ option on the website or the app before logging in to make a payment without setting up an account.
  2. Choose the new card or stored card option on the payment screen of the app or website when logged into your account to make a once off payment through your account.

You can extend your parking session at any point by proceeding to pay again for the same vehicle.

  • If the vehicle has already parked on the day, an additional ‘extension’ option will be available, allowing you to cover the bus for the full day at same rate as the original daily price.

If you are unable to make a parking payment in the usual way, you can try one of the other methods available. If you still can’t seem to process your payment, call our support team for further information.

If you are in a different vehicle, don’t worry, you will have the opportunity to choose the VRN (Vehicle Registration Number) from the list of account VRNs when you are parking, if the vehicle isn’t already registered to the account, you can easily add the vehicle during the payment process.