offers the mostflexible account types in tolling, allowing you to switch between plans as needed.To boot, is the cheapest Tag provider regardless of what type of toll user you are.


- tags receive a €1 discount on every M50 journey.

- Works at every toll booth in Ireland.

- Prebook secure city centre parking.

- is 100% Irish owned and operated(the only one of it's kind!).

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Toll Tags are the easy way to pay for any toll charge in Ireland.A simple clip on device that allows you to sail through any toll nationwide.You can choose a"Pay as you Go" toll tag that has no fixed monthly fees (10 % Transaction charge instead) or you can lease a toll tag for a small monthly fee, but no additional % charge.Say goodbye to toll queues, and never get another M50 fine by forgetting the 8PM deadline!

If you are a light user you can choose our Pay As You Toll option from just €30, and we even give you €4.40 free credit! Heavier Users can choose between ourPay As You Toll Plus or Lease payment plans.

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Welcome to, to get started please select a tolling plan.

Pay As You Toll


  • No Monthly Charges
  • No Deposit
  • Topup Nationwide
  • No Credit or Debit Card Required
  • €4.40 credit Included
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Our most popular plan, Pay As You Toll is our Pay As You Go option with no monthly charges and no deposit required.We charge a small usage fee of 10% each time you use the TollTag at a toll but unlike competitors, if you don't use it you pay nothing - zero!

You can top up by cash nationwide at any Post Office or selected PostPoint outlets and the Pay As You Toll options does not require any bank details or credit card.However, you are free to top up online by card if you wish. You will find this option in your online account)

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Only: €30.00


Pay As You Toll+


  • No ongoing fees or charges
  • Automatically Topped-up
  • No usage no fee
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The Pay As You Toll+ tag is free of charge and you just need to have €20.00 of tolling credit to get you going. You can change the top up amount later in your online account. The Pay As You Toll+ Tag has an automatic top up, meaning that you don't need to worry about keeping it topped up.

There are no fixed fees or charges and if you don't use the tag to go through tolls then you do not pay. If you do, then we charge 10% of the Toll price. This plan is designed for the medium user of tolls and those who prefer not to be bound to monthly charges.

Of course, if you are a heavier user and prefer to pay a fixed low amount of €1.21 per month including VAT for tag service then our Lease plan is the plan for you.

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Free Tag


Toll Tag Lease


  • Automatic VAT Statements
  • Small monthly fee of €1.21
  • Automatically Topped-up
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Our most popular option for frequent toll road users.

This option is designed for heavy toll users and features automatic VAT statements monthly.The tag itself is free and you just need to add €20.00 credit to get you started and your good to go.

There's a small monthly fee of €1.21 VAT inclusive no matter how many tolls you travel through. Your account automatically tops up from your selected Credit/Debit card. For busy drivers, this small monthly fee makes perfect sense.

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Free Tag


Toll Tag Fleet


  • Full monthly reporting.
  • Online management suite.
  • Automatic East Link rebates.
  • Also works on UK Toll roads
  • Experienced account manager
  • Operates on Direct Debit.
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Toll Tag Fleet is designed to meet the needs of professional fleets of all sizes.

There is no deposit for the Tags and the only fee is a small monthly amount of €1.00 per Tag.

Your account operates on an automatic direct debit, where you choose the value of the debit and we take care of the rest.

Monthly reports include a full VAT Summary, a statement breaking down the usage by vehicle and a speadsheet including the full transaction history for the month.

Fleet Tags can be activated for use on the Dartford Crossing in the UK and any eligible HGV journeys on the East Link are automatically rebatable..

Fleet managers can use the online management suite to easily manage their account. Changing vehicle details, retrieving customised transaction reports and marking vehicles/tags with personalised notes are just some of the most frequently used features.

On top of the self-management features, we always have somebody ready to help, you have a direct contact with your account manager.


Online Account

As a customer, you have 24/7 access to our online account management features.

  • - View your tolling history
  • - Print receipts
  • - Change Vehicle
  • - Order additional or replacement Tags or holders
  • - Update Payment details