• Account

    How do I top up?

    You can top up your account in a number of ways:

    1. 1. By logging into your account online.
    2. 2. Using the iOS or Android App
    3. 3. During a parking call when your balance is low.
    4. 4. Purchase a TollTag.ie credit voucher from a PostPoint outlet.(Not redeemable for Cork Park by Phone or Tipperary eParking Credit)
    Note: To Add credit to a Cork Park by Phone or Tipperary eParking account, you must log into the relevant website or use the relevant App.

    I can’t log in

    If you have an account but can’t log in, you should click “forgot password” on the log in page.

    If resetting your password didn’t work, it’s possible that you used a different email address when setting up the account. If you know the email address, use this to log in (you can update it once you’re in).

    If the problem persists, give our support team a call and they will help you to access your account.

    Changing account details

    You can update your personal details including phone number and email address by logging into your account on the website or in the app.

  • On Street Parking

    How do I make a Parking Payment?

    You have several options when it comes to processing your parking payment.


    Using the relevant App, select the area you are parking in from the map/list, most areas then ask you to enter the duration you wish to pay for.


    You can process a parking payment online

    • - Log in to your account at ParkMagic Online (if parking in Cork or Tipperary, you will need to login to the account from www.corkparking.ie or www.tipperaryparking.ie)
    Phone Call

    You can process your parking payment by calling the phone number displayed on the local signage. Don’t forget that you must call from the phone number that is linked to the account.

    My payment is about to expire, but I’m still away from the car

    You can process the parking transaction again on your app (adhering to local regulations). Be aware that processing a second parking transaction will overwrite the previous one if the previous one is still active.

    My usual method of parking isn’t working, what will I do?

    If you are unable to make a parking payment in the usual way, you can try one of the other methods available. If you still can’t seem to process your payment, call our support team for further information.

    Don’t leave the car unpaid if this happens. If you can’t pay using the ParkMagic system, you are still expected to pay using the pay and display/disc alternatives.

    How does the Warden know that I have paid?

    The Traffic wardens use their handheld computer to check the VRN (Vehicle Registration Number) of each car in the area.

    I paid for the wrong zone

    If you accidentally paid for the incorrect zone, the first thing to do is to process the parking again for the correct zone. Email or call our support team to explain the situation and the original transaction will be refunded.

    I am driving a different car today, what do I need to do?

    If you are in a different car, don’t worry, you will have the opportunity to change the VRN (Vehicle Registration Number) when you are parking.

    We recommend using the App/Website when changing the VRN (it’s quicker than doing it on the phone call)

    Don’t forget that you need to update the VRN again when switching back to your normal vehicle

    Invalid Car Registration… What does this mean?

    When entering your VRN (Vehicle Registration Number), you may see this error. Don’t worry. Usually, this error occurs because the VRN already exists on our system. This can happen a number of different ways but is easy to fix. Give our support team a call and they will help.

    Where can I find the Zone Number?

    If the area you are parking in requires you to enter a zone number, the number can be found on the parking signage in the area you are parking.

    In Cork City, the zone number is displayed on the blue park by phone signs.

    In Tipperary, the zone number is displayed on the eParking signs on every street and on the P&D machines on every street and in every car park.

    In Clare, the zone number can be found on the P&D machines where the service is available. You can also see a list of zones here.

    I Received a Parking Ticket having paid using a ParkMagic service.

    If you receive a parking ticket and had paid for your parking you should follow these steps:

    • 1. Check the offense – Parking tickets can be issued for various offences including out of date tax and illegal parking. Before doing anything else, make sure that the ticket is in fact for ‘non-payment’.
    • 2. Call our support team on 061311422. They will guide you through the rest of the process and provide you with documentation which shows your transactions
  • Off Street Parking

    What do i do when I drive up to the barrier?

    Approach the barrier slowly. If the parking service is enabled on your tag, the barrier will lift and you can drive through. There is no need to take a ticket.

    What happens if i pull a ticket at the entrance

    If you pull a ticket then your tag transaction will be cancelled and you can proceed to park. You will then need to pay for your parking manually.


    The signage you will see at the car park is that of EasyTrip but as we have a partnership with Easytrip for this service you can proceed with your Tolltag.ie tag

    What to do if the barrier does not lift on entrance

    You will need to pull a ticket and pay manually. You can then call our customer support to report the issue (0818) 220107.

    What happens if the barrier does not lift on exit

    If the barrier does not lift at the exit but was lifted to allow you to enter, you will need to press the intercom button to inform the parking host. You will have to quote your tag number which you will find underneath the bar code on your tag.

    Please do not leave the car park without giving the parking host your tag number.

    What to do if i have a pre-booking

    If your pre-booking instructions tell you to pull a ticket or present a bar code then do this. Once you pull a ticket or present a bar code your tag transaction will cancel and will not be charged.

  • Tolling

    How long does it take to get a tag?

    TollTag orders are usually shipped the morning after an order is placed. You can expect to have your tag two days after ordering.

    Your TollTag will be operational when you receive it, so all you need to do is install it.

    How do I change the vehicle associated with my TollTag

    Log into your account and select “Manage Toll Tags” from the main menu.

    This area of your account gives you an overview of the TollTag(s) on your account. You can update the reg associated with a TollTag here.

    It takes 6 hours for your registration change to be recognised by the toll roads, so make sure you make the change in advance of travelling.

    Note: There is a vehicle registration stored in the "Street Parking" menu, this is not associated with your tolling registrations.

    I need a new holder for my tag

    You can order a replacement holder by logging into your account. If you have changed car, don’t forget to also update your car reg.

    How to change the debit/credit card linked to my account

    You can update your payment details under the “Account” section in the main menu of your account.

    If you have an automatic top up, it will continue as normal with the new card details.

    My Automatic top up has stopped working

    If your automatic top up has stopped, it indicates an issue with the debit/credit card on the account. If you received a new card recently, you will need to update the details on your account online or by calling our support team.

    Note: Joint Bank Accounts - If your card has not expired, make sure that there isn’t another card linked with the bank account that may have been renewed

    I received a bill from the M50

    If you have received a letter from EFlow (the M50 Toll), call or email our support team straight away.

    You will need to provide your mobile phone number, the Journey Reference Number (on the letter) and the car reg that the bill is for, so have these ready, or include them in the email.

    Extra Tip: Once you have contacted us, retain the letter, just in case.

    My TollTag is not lifting the barrier

    There are a number of reasons why your tag may have stopped lifting the barrier at toll booths. Toll booth operators commonly suggest that the tag is faulty/out of battery, but this is very rarely the case.

    Tag Positioning

    The main offender. Ensure that your tag is positioned correctly. It should be fixed to the black dotted area at the top of the windscreen. Windscreens vary widely so you should consult your car manual for the section on radio equipment.

    Insufficient Credit

    If your tag is out of credit, it will not lift the barrier. It is important to note that when you top up, it takes up to six hours for the tag to become operational on some roads. (Sometimes it takes longer, but it’s rare).

    If you have an automatic top up and your balance is too low to lift a barrier, it indicates an issue with the debit/credit card on the account. If you received a new card recently, you will need to update the details on your account online or by calling our support team.