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ParkMagic have fifteen years of experience in cashless parking and specialise in localised systems. Our In house development cycle means that our apps and websites always lead the way in terms of features and security.

Basic Parking System Features:

  1. - Fully featured, customised cashless parking app
  2. - Street-level zoning
  3. - Apple Carplay enabled
  4. - Smart Watch integration
  5. - Park with or without an account
  6. - Pay with credit/debit card or google/apple pay
Rather than continuing to list features, why not download one of our apps and have a look for yourself!
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Interoperability is new to the cashless parking sector, and is leading the way.

As a Local Authority or private car park operator, this means that you can accept cashless payments from multiple cashless parking providers at the same time, not just the one who is operating cashless parking in your area. is ParkMagic operated, but you don’t need to have a ParkMagic system to start displaying your spaces to other providers.

If you are a parking provider with a cashless parking app, get signed up today to become an approved vendor and be displayed as a potential provider to Local Authorities and CarParks across the Country

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Introducing Baywatch, Ireland's national real time parking monitoring and customer parking guidance system.

Are you tired of endlessly circling blocks looking for vacant Disabled or Loading bays? Wouldn't it be great if your car navigation system told you when a space was free, where it is and how to get there? It sounds incredible but now all this is possible! Use the Baywatch Spacefinder App to take the stress and guesswork out of locating parking spaces. It's as simple as 1-2-3.

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